They sold a car to my disabled wife and totally took advantage. They sold her a car that barely runs for 10,000!

The Kelley Blue Book value of the car is $3,000. The car continuously breaks down(3x in the first 2 weeks). They had their mechanics look at it and they couldn't find anything wrong. I knew that wasn't true so I took it to the Dodge dealership and there is over $3,000 in work.

The liars at AutoNow won't even return my calls. All I wanted was for the car to get fixed. We will take responsibility for the horrible contract that my wife signed but I have no use for losers that take advantage to make a buck. Additionally, they told my wife that the car was $7,000 with free tax/title and free warranty.

Good luck finding any of that in the actual contract. Only thing in the contract was an extra $3000 added on.

(I would have went with her but I was at work. She said her friend was taking her there to look around.

She unfortunately trusted these "really nice" guys. She didn't realize what they were doing.Now she cries all the time because of this expensive piece of *** these liars sold her.)

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #667291

we are saddened to hear that you possibly have a problem with a vehicle we might havesold to your wife , here are some facts hoewever

1. before anyone leaves with a vehicle from our dealership they are required to take it for a test drive and sign and excute a satisfied vehicle condition report , they are also encouraged to have there own mechanic inspect the vehicle

2. All vehicles are state inspected according to Pennsylvania law

3. Every vehicle we sell is covered by a warranty , it clearly states in the contract that your coverage is limited to the warranty and encourage you to bring the vehicvle to our garage to ascertain any potential problems.

when purchasing a used vehicle its impossible to predict any future problems for that reason we cover our customers with a warranty , its possible that your case could have slipped thru the crack , if you would like to repond with your info we would be happy to have pour service manager see what we can do to help you resolve any issues . We sell good cars and stand behind them as far as possible. we have 22 complaints on here but sold 1000 cars this year that record were proud of

to AutoNow- sold 1000 cars this y Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #667325

correction only two complaints....not 22...out of 1000 vehicles.and that we are proud of

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